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I²C-Bus for Linux

Hi and welcome to the I²C-Bus for Linux Homepage!

News (or olds, as you like)

I have implemented the original i2c driver that you can find now in the Linux core, but have not been actively developing it over the last years due to other obligations and limited time (sadly). Nevertheless, the project is very active, as you can see in the LKML, and the lm-sensors group has taken over development, so please ask there for chip support and other driver information.

Here is a link to the group and the i2c subsystem documentation page that explains the driver structure.

Intro: What's it do?

The I²C-Bus is a simple 2-wire bus that allows micro-controllers and computers to connect to specialized IC's like videotext-decoders, DTMF generators, and many others. There is also a wide range of other I²C-bus chips that offer a more wide-range application like ad/da converters, switches, digital potentiometers et. al. Most of the frame grabber and TV tuner cards on the market use the bus, as another example.

The Software

If you want to have write access to the repository, please contact Philip Edelbrock [email protected].

What needs to be done? - TODO:

The Hardware

In former versions of this project page, I divided adapters into two groups: Those using the bit-banging algorithm and others, which use the PCF 8584 I²C-Bus controller. This division is still true, but needs additions, as other hardware types have been implemented by various people, like support for SMBus-controllers, or for the SAAA7146.

Therefore, here's a new division into several groups that show different application areas of adapters:

This list is by no means complete - tell me if you want to see something mentioned.


Here you'll find some useful documents regarding the driver and the i2c-bus in general.

Links of interest

In this section, you'll all sorts of links to different places around the world, that deal with the same topic. Just what makes Hypertext worthwile :)

Although the driver is GPL'ed, donation of hardware is recommended, as I have only limited resources to test the code.


For other hardware-related stuff, have a look into my bookmarks
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