Hybrid Truck Load Measurement System

Measuring amount and quality of goods is a common logistics problem. For a client in the paper industry, we have developed an truck load measurement system that computes stock good volume and provides access to high-resolution data for quality (semi-automatic) inspection.

Trucks shortly stop under a gantry where the truck is scanned. The data gathered is instantly analysed by a software module that processes the input data and matches it against operator-provided truck information. After a few seconds, volume information is complete and can be used to hand out receipts, complete with a visualisation of the scanned material.

Scanned truck volume, height-codedThe sensors consist of an array of stereo cameras combined with time-of-flight cameras (ToF cameras). Both sensors complement each other, generating high quality surface information as full-color 3d clouds.

The 3d data can be used in other modules, like material classification (via tone and texture analysis for quality control) as well as object classification.

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