Research and Innovation projects

The following list of past projects provides an overview of the wide range of our competences regarding solution domains and system environments.



GreenToF (2015)

Design of a ToF camera system with multi-spectral capability. Alternative frequencies for illumination and sensing shall enable operation in IR-absorbing (p.ex. under water) and IR-emitting (measuring in ovens) environments. The project covers creation of a camera prototype, its calibration and performance evaluation and experimental validation in a number of field tests.
Funding: Easy2Research


HomeButler UI

HomeButler (2009-2012)

Design of a next-generation, user-centric home automation system and service platform for AAL (generation 50+) for Beko E&I AG; this system comprises a set of functions to aid memory and ensure safe self-sustained living for elderly people, enriched with additional communication services. A tablet-based UI has proven as an intuitive, always-present point for interaction.


HomeButler UI

Multisensor Surveying (2008-ongoing)

Design of a sensing system for near real-time volume measurement of large stockpiles. The system aggregates data from multiple 2D laser scanners with crane position information to create a volume model that is mapped into a model for volume analysis on-crane. Data is being  delivered in multiple output formats for quality control and ERP integration.

Media Space Navigator (2007-2008)

A recommender system that helps TV viewers to navigate content which interests them from the plethora of television programmes and video-on-demand broadcasting based on meta-data, multimodal similarity matching and user feedback [VHL+08].

with Telekom Austria TA AG 

Telekom Austria Cube (2006-2007)

To enable easy interaction in a home entertainment environment, PCA has created a tangible remote control that interacts with consumer electronics components. PCA designed a cube that you can flip and rotate, which maps to a set of commands enabling the control of interactive TV content [FVEW08]. Besides interaction, power-efficient design played a key role to success of this battery-operated device.

with Telekom Austria TA AG

SPECTACLES (2005-2008)

SPECTACLES project aims at creating a autonomous computing platform that is integrated into the frame structure of glasses. The system includes components for communication, interaction and sensing to support different application areas. (FIT-IT ES Project Nr. 809 450). Key challenges were system integration and miniaturization and a power-aware design of hardware and software components.

with Silhouette International Schmied AG and others