Simon Vogl

SimonSimon Vogl has been Project and Research Assistant at the Institute for Telecooperation at the University of Linz from 1995 to 2000, where he has worked in a number of different hardware- and multimedia-oriented projects. From September 2000 to December 2004, he has been research assistant at the Institut für Pervasive Computing, where his research has focused on distributed wireless systems and alternative interaction techniques in pervasive-computing environments. There, he earned his PhD in 2002 in the area of pervasive user interfaces (Wall Computing), before he moved to his current position at Research Studios Austria as “operativer Studioleiter” (operations manager) in the Studio Pervasive Computing Applications. His research interests are the design of embedded, networked, interactive systems, like the Media Space Navigator or the TA Cube. He is currently leading a FFG Embedded Systems project (Project Nr. 809.450 SPECTACLES Wearable Autonomous Displays), a Bridge project (“B1: Virtual Machines for Embedded Multimedia”) and several industrial projects. At Beko E&I AG, he was head of R&D Smart Home Solutions Competence Center at Beko E&I AG until Feb. 2012, where he was responsible for the design of smart, power-efficient services to assist self-determined living.

Besides research and project work, Simon Vogl has held a range of lectures at the University of Linz and has held multimedia programming lectures at the FH Hagenberg. Lectures cover a broad range of materials and themes, from basic education like Algorithmen 1 to specialized topics like Unix/C Praktikum, Telemedia, Telekooperation, and Embedded Systems, as well as specialized seminars. He is a Linux kernel developer since 1995 and has programming experience on a wide variety of hardware platforms, software environments and programming languages and paradigms.


Philipp Pilz

Philipp is studying computer science at the University of Linz, JKU. He is focused on software architectures for sensor systems.