Innovation in High-Rise Construction

In cooperation with our measurement partner DK Vermessung ZT GmbH we have developed a sensor system for Doka GmbH that enables accurate positioning of wall formwork elements for vertical in-situ concrete structures, such as high-rise cores or bridge piers.

The main component of the system is an embedded computer that communicates wirelessly with a large number of sensors.

The solution not only enables faster and more accurate positioning, but also allows the site crew to monitor all sensors of the entire formwork at the same time. All relevant data is recorded simultaneously and can be accessed on site via app or a cloud application.

DokaXact Systemübersicht

DokaXact system components (c) Doka GmbH

Our task included the development of the sensor solution as well as the infrastructure for data acquisition on site via edge computer, the operating software for the efficient positioning of the formwork elements and the cloud infrastructure for extended analyzes of the data.

Thanks to the close cooperation with all project partners, we were able to develop a convincing solution that is used internationally on construction sites and has already received several awards.

More details about DokaXact can be found on the Doka homepage.