Hand Gesture Recognition

We have developed an extensible framework for hands-free interaction with depth sensors.  It has been tested for work environments for presentation control and in an automotive setting for hands-free media access.

It can cope with the limited resolution of ToF sensors - 160x120 pixels are enough to enable interaction in a range up to one meter, with 90 degrees wide-angle optics 70 cm have been tested.


  • Extracts arm, hand, finger coordinates in real-time using a structure analysis algorithm
  • Finger detection and tracking down to single-pixel readings
  • Embeddable - headless ARM HF version exists
  • Features web-based configuration interface
  • Stable hand pose classifier for typical use cases
  • Static and dynamic gesture detection for clicks, wipes, cursor control,...
  • Optional zones of interest define local coordinate systems to associate finger positions to devices or physical surfaces.

The algorithm assumes the sensor to be positioned in a region below or above the hand, which extends its use to augmented reality / virtual reality applications as well.

Application domains

  • Cleanroom device control - medical & health devices
  • Automotive media control
  • POS Infoterminal interaction

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