GreenToF :: Underwater ToF cameras

We are working on 3d cameras for situations where infrared illumination does not work well. One such environment is under water, where IR is absorbed by the surrounding liquid, enabling navigation and object detection applications.

The system can be used as well in situations where much ambient infrared radiation is present - for monitoring oven walls, fast detection of hot steel bars and other 'hot' applications.

The p320b ToF camera features sensor chips with a broandband spectral sensitivity and lighting with a wavelength where absorption in water is minimal and working distances up to 5m are practicable (permit turbitity): both 450nm (blue) and 520 nm (green) systems are available.

System characteristics:

  • Lateral resolution: 160x120 px
  • Optics: 60° fov ( in air, ±44 under water with flat optical window)
  • Illumination: 520 nm (green), 450 nm (blue)
  • Framerate: 2-40 fps
  • Working distances: 0.1 - 10m ( 50% gray target, in air), up to 5m (submersed)

underwater measurementsunderwater camera in action

Frame rates depend on integration time. The cameras can be equipped with different lens systems for custom fields of view, lighting can be detached for integrated mounting options.

GreenToF development has been partially funded via easy2innovate.

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