Hardware Development

VoXel Medienkonverter bei der Assemblierung

We have a clear focus on innovation. We guide you from the idea and offer:

  • Prototype and system development including circuit board design, hardware selection, housing etc. (no series development)
  • Evaluation of sensor and radio modules
  • Optimization of power consumption and service life of systems
  • Assistance with EMC tests and certification
  • Project Management & Consulting

Our satisfied customers can be found in a number of fields like industry and automation, smart farming, construction industry and automotive.

Some examples:

Automotive ethernet infrastructure

  • Automotive Ethernet Media Converter
  • Automotive Ethernet Switch (3x Automotive ports, 1x 100Mbit, 1x WLAN, web-based configuration UI)

Automotive Ethernet Platinen - Switch und Medienkonverter


IoT-Solutions, p.ex. a NB-IoT/LTE-M platform with GPS, BLE/Wifi module, IMU and add-on sensors plus several bus interfaces.


IoT Plattform - Wifi/BLE Modul und NB-IoT Modem mit GPSIoT Plattform - Bus interconnect und Stromversorgung



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