Time of Flight camera solutions

Outdoor mount of stereo- and tof cameras

Besides enabling basic integration, we design custom applications around the ToF cameras for volume measurement, object identification and tracking. Our solutions are based on the OpenCV and Pointclouds libraries and is designed to run on host systems as well as on embedded platforms like the Freescale i.MX6, i.MX8, Nvidia Tegra etc. For a variety of system solutions, we are working with ToF cameras, like the Argos3D and Sentis3D series built by Becom Systems (formerly Bluetechnix).

For better integration into state of the art software stacks, we have created drivers for ROS, the Robot operating system, which you can access via the following link:


This driver includes support for the BTA library and can thus communicate with all Becom Systems / Bluetechnix cameras that support this library.

Sentis TOF M100 camera

Outdoor ToF cameras

For outdoor measurement systems, we have encapsulated the m100 line of cameras with an external flash module in an IP66 steel housing, including industrial power supply and hydrostatic heating and ventilation port.

Outdoor ToF camera

ToF calibration & extensions

We are constantly expanding the possibilities of the sensors, and have implemented algorithms for per-pixel amplitude/distance correction or multi-frequency approaches to unwrapping the signal, expanding the unique working range of the camera. Our automated calibration rack enables us to repeat measurement cycles with different sensor, lighting and optics combinations.

Contact us for more information if you plan to integrate ToF sensors into your system.