Toffy - ToF Framework

toffy is a data-driven framework to enable efficient development of ToF- and camera-based computer vision systems.

toffy layer architecture

  • Cross platform–framework: develop on x86, ARM, MIPS, … under Windows, Mac OSX and Linux
    • based on proven open source libraries (OpenCV 2.4/3.x/4.x, PCL, boost)
    • extensible – streamlined API and object model for defining custom
    • Programs defined ind XML - web-based live view and brower based configuration
  • Firmware-ready for ARM boards, supports hardware acceleration where available
  • Multi-camera support with  hierarchical 3D coordinate models
  • Dedicated modules for
    • Object tracking and classification
    • Interaction (finger, hand, body gestures)
  • Fit for Automation – I/O modules for UDP, CAN, …

Toffy is the basis for our project work, a growing number of tested filters significantly speeds up the development process.


Flexible licensing models available, please contact us for further information.